Program Themes

There will be 5 featured themes at this year’s congress:

Training, Capacity Building, and Education

Botanical garden collections and spaces can support education programs to promote plants and sustainability. How can gardens engage the public and local communities? What ways can gardens create continuing results in measurable ways?

Botanical Gardens and Plant Conservation

The living collections are part of the backbone of many botanical gardens conservation programs. How can gardens increase their display and nursery collections to reduce biodiversity loss and support conservation programs?

The Taxonomic Impediment

Effective management of biodiversity is impeded by a lack of local taxonomic knowledge. To address the Taxonomic impediment at a global level the United Nations has implemented the Global Taxonomic Initiative. How can botanical gardens support and implement this program locally and regionally?

Sustainable Biodiversity Goals/Aichi Biodiversity Targets

In a post 2020 biodiversity framework how do gardens support and implement the Aichi Biodiversity Targets?

Climate Change and Botanical Gardens – preparation, mitigation, and restoration

How do gardens adapt how living collections are managed to reduce the effects of climate change and reduce a garden’s impact? How can gardens support local areas in making their communities more resilient to climate change and support nature?



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