Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts is now closed.

Abstract Submission Key Dates

  • Abstract Submissions Open : June 1st
  • Abstract Submission Closed : September 30th
  • Abstract Notification : 1 - 2 weeks after submission

Presentation Types

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in duration with a 5 minute Q&A allowance at the end. Abstracts not selected for Oral Presentation may be offered a Poster presentation.

Poster Presentation

Poster presentations will be prominently displayed in the congress venue. Full instructions on the format and display of Posters will be detailed within acceptance notifications and sent to the presenting authors.


During the abstract submission process, you will be asked to choose one of the following congress themes you would like your presentation to be considered for:

  • Training, Capacity Building, and Education

  • Botanical Gardens and Plant Conservation

  • The Taxonomic Impediment

  • Sustainable Biodiversity Goals/Aichi Biodiversity Targets

  • Climate Change and Botanical Gardens – preparation, mitigation, and restoration

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed. Should you wish to delete or edit an abstract that has been successfully submitted, you will need to contact

Abstract submission is closed. For any questions please reach out to

Botanical Bridges Abstract submission requirements
Note: Please delete all instructions, examples and text in red before submission.
Abstract is to be no longer than 300 words.
Abstract must not contain images or graphics

Presentation title (Arial, 10pt font bold, left-aligned, Sentence case)

(Arial, 10pt font, First name, Surname, Presenting Author to be underlined, Affiliations numbered in superscript)
e.g. Bob Smith1, Narelle Harrison2, Peter Matthews2

(Arial, 10pt font Italics, superscript number to indicate association with author or presenter, Affiliation, City, Country)
1Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, Eleuthera, Bahamas
2Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, USA

Abstract text (Arial, 10pt font, single-spaced, left-aligned, maximum 300 words)

Type your abstract here, maximum of 300 words, using Arial 10pt. Do not use graphs or images in your abstract.



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